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My name is Gioia Tiozzo. I was born in Venice, Italy and I have lived in Venice all my life. I am a psychologist specialising in nutrition and I have been busy studying the tight connection between food and well-being. I have studied the Mediterranean Diet and its positive effects on health for over 15 years with my usual scientific approach – while also looking for the practical ways to improve health. After graduating from the University of Padua, I’ve attended specialist courses in nutrition all over Italy, but I’ve come to the personal conclusion that good food and good company around the dinner table, together with a passion for sport, are the best medicines in the world.

I’m a cooking instructor, I focus on teaching people how to cook to stay healthy, holding cooking classes and seminars. In my kitchen, where local produce and the principles of the Mediterranean diet rule supreme, I also draw on Venetian traditions of food and wine for inspiration.

If you want to know how I work you can read some reviews here: TripAdvisor or Google Review.
You can find me on  Facebook, Gioia Tiozzo, and on Instagram gioia.tiozzo.
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