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Hi there,

here I share my project and hope to find people who can help me.

My idea is to become an Italian food & wine ambassador and help people around the world to learn more about Italian culinary traditions and our lifestyle.

To do this, I want to create an online learning platform, my website ACCADEMIA DI CUCINA ITALIANA, where I will post recipes, tutorials, videos, comprehensive guides (…) where I will teach everything I know about Italian food and wine. All of which in English. All of these contents will be for free. Here you have an example: HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE TOMATO SAUCE

To support this project, I will sell an online cooking course ( The Basic of Italian Cuisine – 42 video recipes) for those who want more than a freemium service and want to pay for more advanced features.

I can do most of the work ( recording and editing videos) but I need help.

To support my project I would like to organize a crowdfunding for the first kickstart but I don’t know how to start to do this.

I need someone who can help me.

I know that out there ( YouTube) you can easily find tons of videos about Italian cooking. But most of those cooks just pretend to know what Italian cuisine is. They probably have never been to Italy once in their life as anyone in Italy cooks in that way.

On the other hands, Italian cooks or Food & Wine experts do not create online English contents as we are not very good at promoting our culture. Pay someone to edit professional videos and develop high-quality contents is super expensive. My idea is to start a new online business model to reach people around the world and promote the Italian Food & Wine culture.

Can you help me?



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